10 Tips to Help You Sign More Clients for Your Agency

Improve Your Sales Process. Increase Your Revenue.

One of the greatest challenges for entrepreneurs and sales professionals is the absence of a well-defined sales system, including a follow-up process. This is why getting new clients can often feel difficult. Just like any other skill, practice leads to perfection. The more you engage in it, the more proficient and confident you become.

To help you start mastering the art of winning new clients for your agency, here are some tips and tricks to get you on the right path.

1. Research Before Reaching Out: Before making any call, it is important that you do your research. Know who you are talking to, their needs, and objectives. Also, make sure that your approach will be meaningful to them and that your services will be a good fit.

2. Make Sure You Have an Agenda: It is essential to have an agenda for each call you make. This way, you know what topics need to be covered and how much time you can spend on each topic with the prospect.

3. Be Personable: In any sales situation, it’s important to make a connection with the person you are talking to. Make sure your personality is coming through, as this will help build trust and rapport between you and prospects.

4. Ask Questions: Asking questions is an effective way of understanding the prospect’s needs and getting them to open up about their pain points. This will also give you insights on how your agency can best help them.

5. Listen to Your Prospect: It’s important that you take the time to listen and understand what prospects are saying. Being attentive and understanding their needs shows that you care about them, and this will ultimately help in building a strong relationship between you two.

6. Be Prepared for Objections: When conversing with prospects, it’s important to be prepared for any objections that may come up. Be ready to answer these questions clearly and concisely, as this will help build their trust in you and your agency.

7. Follow Up: Following up after an initial conversation is key. Take the time to check in with your prospects and see how they are doing. Keeping the conversation going shows that you are invested in providing them with a great experience and that you care about their satisfaction.

8. Celebrate Their Success: It’s important to take the time to celebrate your prospect’s success. Congratulate them on their progress and wins so far in their business. It also shows you were listening and have done your research.

9. Keep the Relationship Going: Having a relationship with your clients doesn’t stop after they sign on as a client. Continue to nurture the relationship by actively engaging with them and providing ongoing support. As an agency owner, you shouldn’t be doing the day-to-day work, but you want your client to know you are still there and aware of everything going on in the backend. Ask for feedback periodically, answer any questions they have, and if you provide incentives for them to continue using your agency, that’s even better. This will ensure that they remain satisfied clients.

10. Provide Resources: Having access to relevant information is an important part of client satisfaction. Ensure you provide helpful resources such as a breakdown of how your working relationship will look, who is on their team, when they can contact you, and anything else they may find relevant (where to find files etc).

As you prepare your call agenda, keep these six points in mind:

  1. Preparation: Setting yourself up for success is step 1. Come prepared. Practice. Breathe.
  2. Rapport: Spend the first few minutes connecting and gaining rapport. Make the client feel comfortable and that they can relate to you. 
  3. Discover: Identify their short and long-term goals to guide your call and offer
  4. Obstacles: Find out what their biggest challenges are. What is holding them back.
  5. Needs: Identify what they truly need in a product/service (your offering) and find out the small details that are important to them
  6. Solution: Share your solution/offering and tie it into their goals, challenges, and needs and how it will help them accomplish these↓

If you feel sales isn’t your strong point, there are a few things you can do to feel confident on your sales call. Here are my top three recommendations:

  1. Write out a “script” for you to follow, as well as questions you may want to ask
  2. Work with a coach, consultant, or mentor to nail down a sales strategy, including the “pitch call”
  3. Mock pitches with friends, family, colleagues, or even those in the industry who have been where you are, and ask for honest feedback. (Make sure they have a business/problem that is your audience, so it is real.)


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