Agency Growth Framework

12 Step Blueprint

When you sign up for the Agency Owner Lab membership, you get a 12 step blueprint that covers key areas of your business, no matter what stage you are at. This isn’t just fluff, rather all resources are to the point and filled with valuable insights and resources to help you uplevel your business. Short, direct and simple strategies are actionable.

Scaling is Strategic

Your Growth Blueprint

Although these are done at your own pace, they are developed in a specific order for a reason.
Think of it as a done-for-you process that guides you to optimal business growth at any stage.

Target Niche

Why it’s important
How to identify
Why niches help you scale
Map it out

Brand Builder

Core elements of your brand
Mission statement + core values Key messaging
Staying aligned

Service Structure

Offered services
Standardized packages
Adjust packages when needed
Avoid overservicing


Pricing Structure
Increase pricing in 30-90 days
Get paid for results, not time
How to negotiate pricing

Lead Gen System

Systems to increase inbounds
3 steps to generate leads
Turning leads into prospects

Proposal System

Stop spending hours customizing every proposal
Repeatable system
Time savings hacks
Create your proposal template
What to do if a potential client wants to see more

Prospects to Friendlies

Pitch, don’t sell
Find clients who will pay
Identify client needs


Agency KPIs for success
Client KPIs for client retention
People KPIs

Positive Leadership

Empowered team = better results
Winning leadership culture
Listen to your people
Leadership Workbook

Systems + Processes

Systems - who, what, why, how
Tools to help you automate
Avoiding overservicing

Team Building

Hiring process
Interview questions
Job description templates
Job offer template

Proactive Productivity

The key to time management
Creating your productivity plan
A productive team

Reduce the headaches.
Increase the wins.
Create connections.
Get essential resources.

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