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Empowering agency owners to build their dream life + business

What if you could find all the resources you need in one place?

One place that empowered you to change your life and your business.

To be happier, healthier, and more successful while having more time for the things you enjoy.

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Scaling requires strategy

Our programs are built on the philosophy that we have too much unnecessary clutter surrounding us and disabling us from pinpointing the necessary tasks needed to excel. 

We’ve worked with countless agency owners and service providers who needed to make this transition – some in their first year of business, others in year 15. We not only have experience in agency operations but in the nitty-gritty execution at both small and large agencies.

Our Streamline + Scale formula has helped business owners focus their minds, increase revenue, and feel successful in their businesses. It has helped businesses decrease people costs by 30% in just a couple of months, and others increase revenue by 120% in 6 weeks!

The Agency Owner Lab will not only teach you proven strategies and thought processes that have helped other professionals but we encourage members to customize everything to themselves, their business, their life, and their needs.

There is no one-size-fits-all but there are strategies, processes, and systems that drive results and can be tweaked.

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It takes support to make dreams come true

It’s time to increase profit. Work less. Laugh more.


Agency owners building their dream business with less stress. One that is sustainable, gives them freedom to live life on their terms, and fits their lifestyle.


Agency Owner Lab provides support and resources to agency owners and consultants who want to build a better future while reducing the anxiety that comes with running and scaling a business while increasing overall happiness.


Build a business that works for you.

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What we offer

Agency Owner Lab was created from years of working with agencies and consultants to streamline, scale, and transform their businesses.

How We're Different

Empowering Agency Owners to
Be the CEO of Their Lives

Experienced Mentor

Founded by Agency Coach Erin James, who has helped agency and service based business owners increase revenue an average of 2-3x within as little as 6 weeks (with some skyrocketing past this!).


A collective of agency owners who understand what you're going through.


We know what you need. We provide coaching, consulting, advising, templates, SOPs, employee training and more!

Want More Help to Grow Your Business?


What They Say

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Justin testimonial
Justin Goldstein Agency Owner

I can definitely attribute our success in terms of growing revenue and just avoiding some really simple, easy mistakes to Erin’s council and ability to even take calls on demand when I need help in the moment to counsel me and steer me out of a negative situation, which has definitely helped, again, from a revenue perspective, a reputation perspective, and a leadership perspective. I would highly recommend Erin to any agency owner, big, small, medium size, whatever it might be. She has fantastic expertise and if you're looking for someone to consult you and really navigate you to the promise land, Erin is the best fit for it. So I hope you take my advice and hire Erin.

Taryn Adams/Membership beta tester Agency Owner/Membership beta tester

If you're like me, you don't have a lot of time to waste. And with all the moving pieces in my agency, it’s hard to focus on the bigger picture of actually growing my agency. That's where Agency Owner Lab comes in, it’s the best program I’ve found for agency owners and comes with coaching, resources, guides, blueprints, templates, SOPs, and an awesome community.

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    Amy M. Agency Owner

    If you are looking for a coach to help you get a full business and life transformation, Erin is the best choice! She helped me realize that I come first and I need to take care of myself for my business to be sustainable. In addition to growing my business, we worked on mindset, productivity, and building healthy habits that help me and my business grow. I am so happy I decided to believe in Erin, she did not disappoint!

    Irina R. Agency Owner

    Erin has been a blessing for my confidence and business. She’s a great coach and mentor for anyone willing to scale. She’s professional and knows her area. Would definitely recommend her as a business coach but also as a marketing expert in general.

    Shehla Faizi Agency Owner

    Thank you so much, Erin! I honestly didn’t know where to start when it came to creating my marketing agency. For the first time, I feel I can do this.