Agency Growth Coaching Program Scope and Terms​

Agency Growth Coaching Program Agreement
Scope of Work

Program Provider: Agency Owner Lab  

Client:* [Client Name]  

Program Start Date: [Start Date]  

Program Duration: 12 Weeks Initial Term, with Monthly Renewal Option  

Location: Virtual



The objective of the Agency Growth Coaching Program is to provide structured, strategic coaching to PR, marketing agencies, and entrepreneurs aiming to grow their businesses. The program combines personalized coaching calls, action plans, and support resources to help clients develop and implement growth strategies.


Services Provided:

  1. **Weekly Coaching Calls:** 12 x 60-minute coaching calls conducted virtually. These calls aim to discuss progress, address challenges, and strategize for the coming week.


  1. **High-Level Action Plan:** Following the first coaching call, a customized action plan will be developed, outlining key strategies and steps for the client’s business growth.


  1. **Emergency Calls:** Up to 2 x 10-minute emergency calls each month, intended for urgent advice or support.


  1. **Email Support:** Ongoing email support throughout the duration of the program, allowing the client to ask questions or seek advice between scheduled calls.

Client Responsibilities:

– Engage actively in all scheduled coaching calls and emergency sessions.

– Complete assigned tasks and implement strategies as outlined in the action plan.

– Communicate openly about challenges, successes, and feedback related to the program.

– Adhere to payment schedules as agreed upon in the Program Agreement.



– **Initial 12 Weeks:** $7,500, payable upon sign-up.

– **Monthly Renewal:** $2,500 per month, payable in advance of each month.


Cancellation Policy:

No refunds or cancellations for the initial 12-week term. For monthly renewals, a 30-day written notice is required to cancel the program without further charges.



Both parties agree to maintain the confidentiality of the information shared during the program sessions and through email communications.

Agency Growth Coaching Program Agreement
Terms + Conditions

Between: Agency Owner Lab LLC (referred to as “Coach” or “We”) and The Client (referred to as “Client” or “You”)


This Agreement outlines the terms and conditions under which the Coach provides coaching services to the Client. By enrolling in the Agency Growth Coaching Program (the “Program”), you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.


**1. Program Description**  

The Program includes 12 weekly coaching calls up to 60 minutes each, a high-level action plan following the first call, 2 emergency calls each month up to 10 minutes each, and email support. The initial term of the Program is 12 weeks, with the option to renew monthly thereafter.


**2. Payment**  

The fee for the initial 12 weeks is $7,500, payable upon sign-up. Monthly renewal, post the initial period, is $2,500 per month, payable in advance. Payments are accepted via Stripe for ACH, debit, or credit card transactions. Payments are due before the commencement of the covered period; for example, payment for April is due by March 31. If payment is not received on time, coaching services will be suspended until payment is made.


**3. Cancellation and Refund Policy**  

Refunds are not offered, and the Program does not have a cancellation policy for the initial 12 weeks. For monthly renewals, Clients may cancel by providing a 30-day notice before the next billing cycle. Failure to provide timely notice will result in charges for the subsequent month.


**4. Intellectual Property**  

All resources, templates, documents, and information shared by the Coach are proprietary and owned by Agency Owner Lab. The Client is granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the provided materials solely for the Client’s business use. These materials may not be sold, shared, or redistributed in any form.


**5. Confidentiality**  

Both parties agree to keep confidential information exchanged during the Program confidential and not to disclose it to third parties without prior consent.


**6. Liability and Disclaimer**  

The Coach makes no guarantees or warranties regarding the Program’s results. It is the Client’s responsibility to apply the teachings. The Coach is not liable for any direct or indirect damages or losses incurred by the Client arising from or related to the Program.


**7. Privacy**  

The Coach commits to protecting the Client’s data and will comply with all applicable privacy laws. No client data will be shared with third parties without consent.


**8. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution**  

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Florida. Any disputes arising under or related to this Agreement shall be resolved through mediation in Miami, Florida.


**9. Entire Agreement**  

This constitutes the entire agreement between the parties concerning its subject matter.


By enrolling in the Program, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to these terms and conditions.

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