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Here’s how we increased rates and revenue, increased confidence, improved leadership abilities, and propelled this agency founder to the role of a true CEO.

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I can definitely attribute our success in terms of growing revenue and just avoiding some really simple, easy mistakes to Erin’s counsel..

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Press Record Communications is a PR, marketing, and content agency serving various industries including technology, B2B, health and wellness, authors, and governmental organizations.

(Founder) Justin was feeling successful in his business, but he was stuck in the day-to-day tasks of the business and felt he needed counsel on best practices for dealing with clients, challenging situations, and the overall process and surprises that come with not only running but growing an agency.

Justin came to Erin and Agency Owner Lab ready to make changes and was open to counsel and taking chances that may seem scary but are needed to be a true CEO.

Resulting in an average of more than 100% increase in retainers, for the same amount of work, 100% increase in confidence in negotiations, and the ability to remove the founder from the day-to-day client work.

I can say with 110% confidence that Erin totally helped to transform my business.

When I first started off with Erin, the business was doing well, but there were definitely some holes that needed to be plugged and Erin provided such sound counsel that really has strengthened my ability as a leader and agency owner today.

I can definitely attribute our success in terms of growing revenue and just avoiding some really simple, easy mistakes to Erin’s counsel and ability to even take calls on demand when I need help in the moment to counsel me and steer me out of a negative situation, which has definitely helped, again, from a revenue perspective, a reputation perspective, and a leadership perspective.

She's really informed me in terms of structuring my time and my work to be able to feel satisfied at work and also not go too insane with the daily work that comes with being a communications professional.

I would highly recommend Erin to any agency owner, big, small, medium size, whatever it might be. She has fantastic expertise and if you're looking for someone to consult you and really navigate you to the promise land, Erin is the best fit for it. So I hope you take my advice and hire Erin.

We set out to....

Increase rates and revenue, save time and money, and empower the founder to be a true CEO

Businessman at the desk in his office resting.

Key Goals

The main goals of working together focused on coaching, council, productivity, organization, execution, and communication.

Provide counsel and coaching on taking the business to the next level

Remove the CEO from the day-to-day client work

Increase retainers and revenue

Upgrade current offering structure to reduce overservicing

Improve client management and communication processes

Improve time management and allocation

Map out team support system to take on more clients with less of the CEO's time of execution and management

Results Recap

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