Reduce the headaches.
Increase the wins.

Confidently revamp your operations, client acquisition, and execution..and then repeat to continue scaling.


Program starts
week of September 27, 2021

Looking for a way to increase profit but can’t get your head to stop spinning?
Naturally a creative thinker, not process-oriented? 
Tired of wondering if you should give up and just go get a job because the business building part of being an entrepreneur is not your sweet spot?

Become empowered to streamline your day to day operations, raise your prices,  provide more value to your clients, and finally focus on the tasks you love. A strong foundation is a must for long term success, including workflows and SOPs.

Changes are scary, but they are life-changing.

The Agency Owner Lab empowers agency founders and consultants who know they need more strategy, planning, and organization within their business, along with some coaching, to have multiple SIX FIGURE YEARS and maybe even seven figures!

A program for agency owners

who want to build their dream with less stress





Become the best leader. So you can scale with less stress.


Build your business your way. So you can wake up excited and do what you want.


Create an environment that makes you productive. Because we all work differently.


Organize your business to reach your goals. Because no business can scale without systems in place.

Group Coaching | 1 Best Coaching Services Near Me | Agency Owner Lab

You’re ready for things to feel easy—and good.

Imagine Your Reaching (and exceeding) Your Revenue Goal With Less Work And More Laughter Than You Could’ve Imagined

All because you have seamless systems, a brilliant online presence that attracts your dream client, and packages that you are excited to sell without running in circles.

What if you had a guide and resources to help you scale your business and grow on a personal level so you didn’t have to think about it.

It’s not too good to be true….

Let the Agency Owner Lab guide you to put systems, strategies, workflows, and tools in place to build the business you’ve been dreaming of. Stop feeling like you are drowning and on the verge of shutting down because things are too hectic.

Could this be you?!

With my custom Streamline + Scale formula, I’ve helped clients accomplish the following:

Stop stressing

Start thriving

Whether you’re in year 1 or year 20,
the Lab is here to help YOU get to that next level.
Whatever that looks like for you.


The Agency Owner Lab

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned and done with my 1:1 clients (who pay 5+ figures) and built it into a comprehensive business growth program that is focused on streamlining, scaling, and thriving your way.

I’ve never put this into a group program before, but now I’ve created your step-by-step system to get you to that next level…

Businesswoman sitting at home and managing her business via home office

Stage 1

Goal Planning

You can’t grow your business without goals to work towards.

If planning out your goals in a detailed manner that is achievable has ever felt overwhelming, this will be your new best friend.

We’ll set obtainable and achievable goals so that you can build and scale with ease.

We’ll talk about the importance of goals and HOW to set goals that are seamless to work towards so you feel confident. You’ll be challenged to actually write out your goals, so get ready to unlock your new future.

Stage 2

Services + Pricing

It’s true.. you can offer too many services. You can undercharge. You can overpromise and end up lacking the resources needed to complete a project.

That’s why we’ll go over why you need to develop standardized packages, how to set your pricing, and when it’s okay to adjust packages for a client.

Then, you’ll map out the services you are going to offer, the packages you’ll present them in, and how much you’ll charge.

The goal is for you to stay focused to optimize your efforts while increasing your pricing.

Photo of cheerful black woman being busy with diary writing or making business plan, enjoys hot beve
Serious women with tablet discuss their plans about their project

Stage 3

Lead Generator

Ever spend hours going back and forth with a prospect and giving them the pitch of your life only to find out they can’t afford even half of your budget?

You can be the best marketer out there, but if you aren’t promoting your services to the right people, it doesn’t matter.

We’ll go over your lead generation strategy/system from start to finish – things you must do to generate leads, how to turn a prospect into a client, and how to impress them with a pitch that will have them begging to pay you.

Then, you’ll map out your lead generation strategy, whether you’re executing it or outsourcing it, plus you’ll create your proposal template to save time and headaches.

Stage 4

Systems + Processes

In order to scale without getting overwhelmed, you need to have systems and processes in place.

Team members and clients need to know how you work so they can know what to expect and what is expected of them.

You’ll map out your current systems and processes, identify needed adjustments, and put new processes in place to help you build momentum.

Woman writing business plan

What is included in the program?

You want something deeper, wiser, more aligned, and truly sustainable to support you as you spread your wings + soar to greater heights in your business and beyond.


6 Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Hot seat. Everyone gets time to talk and ask questions (optional). These calls are recorded so don't worry if you can't make it! You can also submit questions ahead of the call that I'll make sure to answer.


4 Stage Growth System

4 stage growth system to amplify results and drive massive change in your business. This system will help you become more confident in your business, offerings, pricing, and strategy for success.


Action Plans

Workbooks, exercises, templates, guides and checklists to support you during and after this program.


Email Coaching

Option to email additional questions to me and I will provide you and email repsonse within 24 business hours (up to 1 per week). If needed, I will record you a video to answer your question. If a longer response is needed, we will discuss this on the group coaching call, or you can upgrade to VIP to get 2 1:1 coaching calls with me during the program.


Game Changing Results

Walk away feeling more confident, calm, organized and ready to master your business.

Should we work together?

Who is this for?

Reach that next step with a little support.

The Agency Owner Lab is for current and soon-to-be PR, marketing, and VA agency founders and consultants.

The Agency Lab will equip you with all the materials, support, and resources to scale your business. With the shift towards more online work, we focus on helping you scale from anywhere.

Agency Owners & Leaders

CEOs, Founders, Partners, & Directors who are part of a team and want to be a better leader for themselves and their people.


Consultants and contractors who want to thrive as a one-person business.

Service Providers

Marketers, publicists, and virtual assistants are the main focus for this program.

Have a lot of questions?

I Got You

Business in balance

As you go through the program, you’ll find yourself asking the questions every agency owner has.

Don’t worry, we’ll go over all that and if you still have questions, you can reach out to my team and me and we’ll be ready to provide more explanation.

We want to hear from YOU. This may be a group program, but you still get direct access to me and my team to ask more questions so you can truly benefit from this program. 

You’ll get answers to questions like…

It’s time to
invest in yourself
& your dreams.


Group Coaching + 4 Stage Track
$ 997
  • 6 Weekly Group Coaching Calls (recorded) - everyone gets time to ask questions
  • 4 Stage Track to build the business of your dreams
  • Exercises, Workbooks, Guides, Templates and Checklists
  • Email Support - Email additional questions and get responses with 48 business hours


Group + 1:1
$ 1997
  • 2 1:1 Calls (up to 45 minutes) for personalized support (50% of my normal pricing!)
  • 6 Weekly Group Coaching Calls (recorded) - everyone gets time to ask questions
  • 4 Stage Track to build the business of your dreams
  • Exercises, Workbooks, Guides, Templates and Checklists
  • Email Support - Email additional questions and get responses with 48 business hours

Terms of Program

While I provide the highest and best level of services as provided in the scope of the agreement, I, Erin James Murphy, am unable to make promises or guarantees with respect to any outcome from participation in any program. I cannot and do not guarantee success or any specific level of income or results associated with the services provided. By entering into an agreement, you understand that ultimately you are responsible for your own success in business and this program is designed to enhance, supplement, and support your business in your efforts to grow. Because of this, no refunds are offered. Either way, I’ve never had anyone who wanted a refund!

Still not sure?!

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Frequently Asked Questions

All calls are recorded, so don’t worry if you can’t make it. You can submit questions ahead of time and I’ll make sure to go through them and send you the video recording.

Once all members are signed up, we’ll ask everytone their preffered times and availability and coordinate calls accordingly.

Results you may experience include (but are not limited to):

  • Streamline Your Operations And Processes
  • Set Up New Systems And Create Relevant SOPs
  • Continue To Innovate Your Business
  • Stay On Top Of Trends And Technologies
  • Understand Your Business In A Brand New Way
  • Identify New Ways To Market And Position Your Brand
  • Get A Clear Understanding Of Challenges, Bottlenecks And Limiting Beliefs To Streamline, Scale, And Be Happier
  • Restructure Your Business For Higher Profits And Lower Operational Costs
  • Create High Performance Habits In Your Life And Business
  • Be Happier And Healthier Each And Every Day Because You’re Living The Life You Want

Topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Business Operations, Strategy, and Growth
  • Marketing Automation, Strategy, and Execution (Email, Digital etc)
  • Lead Generation, List Building, Lead Magnets
  • People, Outsourcing, Recruitment, and Structure
  • Technology Platforms, Needs, and Systems
  • Budgeting, People and Technology Costs, and Increasing Revenue
  • Healthy Habits For Entrepreneurs
  • Goal Setting, Productivity, and Mindset

Make sure to choose the VIP option to get 2 1:1 calls with me. If you’re looking for even more, I also offer ongoing coaching, VIP sessions and consulting. Check out to learn more.

Yes! We’re here to help you build a business that works for YOU. Whether that’s a one man (or woman!) team or 30 person team, the Lab will help you streamline and scale for success, whatever that may look like to you.

The Agency Lab is built on years of working with agency owners to increase revenue, reduce operational costs, operate in a work from anywhere enviornment, and increase founder, employee and client happiness. No matter what stage you are at in your business, the key is to continue learning, stay relevant, and keep up with the trends.

The Lab is a business growth group coaching program for marketing, PR and VA agency owners and consultants who want to streamline, grow, and automate while thriving in a digital world. Focus areas include operations, marketing, sales, technology, people, and personal development.

Yes! Although we are based in the USA, the business building tactics and lessons apply to businesses all around the world. Just make sure to double check your specific laws and rules when it comes to operating your business. All pricing you see is in USD.

The Lab is for people at all levels. If you feel your business could use a streamlined process and growth plan, this is for you.