Agency Growth Membership Collective.. because you deserve it

Reduce the headaches.
Increase the wins.
Create connections.
Get essential resources.

Confidently revamp your operations, sales, marketing, technology, people, and execution..and then repeat to continue scaling.

A membership for agency owners

who want to build their dream with less stress

The purpose of the lab

Imagine Your Reaching (and exceeding) Your Revenue Goal With Less Work And More Laughter Than You Could’ve Imagined

All because you have seamless systems, a brilliant online presence that attracts your dream client, and packages that you are excited to sell without running in circles.

What if you had a guide and resources to help you scale your business and grow on a personal level so you didn’t have to think about it.

It’s not too good to be true….

Let the Lab guide you to put systems, strategies, workflows, and tools in place to build the business you’ve been dreaming of. Stop feeling like you are drowning and on the verge of shutting down because things are too hectic.

Stop stressing

Start thriving

Whether you’re in year 1 or year 20, the Lab is here to help YOU get to that next level.
Whatever that looks like for you.

it's your time

Membership Benefits

New content added monthly PLUS a member request form for content you'd like created

Growth & Planning Stratigies

Not preparing is preparing to fail. Don’t let anxiety and stress take over. Let us help with 90 day growth plans and focus areas.

Digital Library

From checklists, templates, systems, and SOPs to guides, workbooks and challenges, you’re never on your own. Take action without thinking about it.

12 Step Growth Blueprint

Scale Your Agency Series – At your own pace online courses and resources that empower you to uplevel all areas of your business including as a leader and business owner.

Membership Directory

Make new connections and find people you can partner with to grow your business. From sharing leads that don’t fit your business to finding a partner to execute a specific focus area for a client, the directory is your way to meet your new support system.

Email coaching

Member-only emails on tips, tricks, and lessons learned. A coach in your pocket. You can even email us questions you have and we’ll help you out!

If your request calls for more in depth and hands-on feedback, we’ll let you know and you’ll have the option to schedule a 1:1 call with our founder and Agency Growth Specialist, Erin James (for an additional cost).

Expert Advice & Workshops

Live & pre-recorded workshops with subject matter experts who will provide valubale insights and answer your tough questions. Examples include finance, automation, HR, technology and more. 

Members can host workshops to promote their servicses and create connections.

Who is this for?

Reach that next step with a little support.

The Agency Owner Lab is for current and soon-to-be agency founders and consultants.

The Agency Lab will equip you with all the materials, support, and resources to build your business AND personal brand in today’s digital age. With the shift towards more online work, we focus on helping you scale from anywhere.

Agency Owners & Leaders

CEOs, Founders, Partners, & Directors who are part of a team and want to be a better leader for themselves and their people.


Consultants and contractors who want to thrive as a one-person business.

Service Providers

Marketers, publicists, virtual assitants & business managers are our main focus.

It’s time to invest in yourself & your dreams.

Not only will your business grow. But you will change as a human being. You will see the world differently. You will approach situations from a different perspective.

Changes in your business cannot happen until you make changes. Until you do something different.

*billed monthly (auto renewal)

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Hands-on support.

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