Public Relations (PR) Agency Client Reporting System

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The Done For You Public Relations (PR) Agency Client Reporting System has everything you need to streamline or start your PR agency. Templates, SOPs, systems and processes.

The Done For You Public Relations (PR) Agency Client Reporting System is designed specifically for agencies that understand the importance of effective communication and transparency in their processes. Our system streamlines the reporting process, making creating and sharing results with clients easy.

Our PR agency client reporting system guides you to easily track and showcase your agency’s performance to clients clearly and organized. This builds trust, strengthens relationships, and demonstrates the value of your services.

With a set system in place that is built around the need for efficiency and smart work not hard work, you and your team will have time to focus on the most important tasks while reducing time spent on back and forth questions and miscommunication.

Our system is designed for PR agencies and consultants who want to streamline and scale. Those who know they need systems and processes to take on more clients, have less stress and make more money. 

Written step by step, this system is plug-and-play.

It’s not just written on how to perform a task but how/when to share it with the team for review, how to track it, and how/when to even share with a client. There are even placeholders for you to put in frequency and deadlines for recurring tasks. This really is a full system.

Created by a publicist with over a decade of experience executing PR campaigns, running an agency, and training young publicists. 

Execute yourself or hand it off to a team member to review and act without wasting your time training them, especially as each new person comes in and has to learn how your business operates.

Why this system:
– Industry-standard Done-for-You (DFY) SOPs and templates to help you keep clients happy, grow your team, and deliver your best work, all you need to do is customize them
– Downloadable files, immediate use. You cannot give these to anyone else or resell them. These are for internal use ONLY. Each purchase is for one business only.
– The same processes and systems 6, 7 and 8 figure agencies are using.
– They were developed for maximum results with minimum frustration. You will need to customize them with details such as deadlines, roles/people, tools, and more. But the general step-by step (YES, STEP-BY-STEP) SOP and templates will help you scale and save time.
– Save months of work and thousands of dollars with this system.
– Put them together and you have a reliable and easy to execute system that enables your entire business to run.
– NOTE: although this system was developed with a team in mind, individuals and consultants who operate as a one person team can also use these systems with minor changes by removing internal review processes and having one person complete all tasks

The Done For You Public Relations (PR) Agency Client Reporting System includes:
– SOP: Weekly Client Update
– Template: Weekly Client Update
– Template: Monthly Client PR Report (Doc)
– SOP: Monthly Client PR Report (Doc)
– SOP: Media Monitoring (checking for client placements)
– Template: New Coverage Email for Client
– SOP: How to send a coverage email to client

Please Note: These need to be customized for your business team/structure/tools. We’ve highlighted all key places where you need to fill in team members, such as for review processes, and you are free to adjust the rest of the documents as you see fit.

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