PR Agency Tracker – AirTable Template

Curated AirTable template specific to PR agencies to track projects, PR outreach, and results. Includes 7 preset client views/filters and a 10-page how-to guide for customization and execution.

PR Agency Tracker - AirTable Template



Curated AirTable template specific to Public Relations (PR) agencies and/or projects to track:

  • Projects (Internal and client-facing) – optional
  • Pitches, results, and conversations
  • Media Contacts
  • Awards, events, and conferences


The Public Relations Agency Tracker / AirTable template comes with:

  • 7 preset clients – views and filters already set (but you can create as many as you want)
  • 10-page guide on how to customize and use the template


The template works with the free version of AirTable, but you may need to upgrade in the future depending on how much content you have.

The PR Agency project tracker can help track all work that needs to be done for accounts but does not have to be used if your team using another tracker.

The real magic here is the ability to track media contacts, pitches, conversations/opportunities, and results all in one place and link them to each other (so you can see all coverage from a specific reporter, or all opportunities that came from a pitch).

PLUS you get a 10-page guide on how to use the tracker that can be shared with your team and 7 preset client views and filters across the template. All you need to do is replace CLIENT 1 with the client name, for example. The guide walks you through how to customize it for your agency. 

This template has been successful for solopreneurs who want to be more efficient to teams of 30 who need to work together in a virtual setting.

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