Public Relations 101 Masterclass

Learn from a media maven and Agency Growth Specialist who has secured placements and interviews in Forbes, Fortune, Wall Street Journal, Well+Good, Good Housekeeping, Thrillist, Good Morning America, Parents, Real Simple, and MORE.

Erin has trained many PR professionals on media relations best practices and is now sharing all her secrets with you! You’ll get 71 minutes of video training in this course plus templates and a workbook.

Public Relations 101 Masterclass



This Masterclass on PR Fundamentals will empower students, entry-level PR professionals, agencies, organizations, and those who want to offer PR as a service to take the first step towards learning how to secure media features.

You’ll develop an understanding of the fundamental principles and execution tactics that go into getting featured in the media – how to execute AND why you need to do each step. Everything will be delivered in a simple, easy-to-understand way with resources for you to walk away with. You’ll confidently be able to find and connect with the right reporters and see your name, your company, or your clients in the media.

Get Yourself And/Or Your Clients Featured In The Media

  • Learn from someone who has secured media placements in Forbes, Fortune, Wall Street Journal, Well+Good, Good Housekeeping, Thrillist, Good Morning America, Parents, Real Simple, and MORE
  • Become a media maven and be a master at building journalist relationships
  • Level up and learn the exact step-by-step process on HOW to pitch
  • Get the resources you need to get started ASAP
  • Build your confidence so you secure press hits for you or your clients
  • Generate organic (and FREE) awareness for your brand or your clients to get in front of your target audience
  • Become confident before pressing send
  • Improve your business and sales skills by getting comfortable cold pitching and building relationships

Why this course?

  • Experience: Learn from someone who has secured media placements in Forbes, Fortune, Wall Street Journal, Well + Good, Good Housekeeping, Good Morning America, Parents, Real Simple and more!
  • Level Up: Learn the exact step-by-step process on how to pitch that I teach professional agencies
  • Brand Awareness: Generate organic (free) awareness for your brand or your clients’ to get in front of the right target audience. Let the media be your next supporter.
  • Confidence: Be confident when emailing journalists and become a resource for them, authentically. Don’t be that person that gets blocked!



See What Others Have to Say

I began working for Erin in college as an intern for almost a year where she taught me more than I could have ever learned through a class. With her full help and guidance I was fortunate enough to be hired on her team. There, she promised to teach me everything she knew. I have since been promoted and I still attribute everything I know in the world of PR and business to her. She is by far the best teacher and leader I have had, not only in the workplace but in life as well. Erin is the most organized, efficient, and motivated leader I have worked under, which is why the clients she takes on are so successful.

Hunter A. PR & Marketing Assistant

The PR Masterclass was more helpful than I could’ve imagined! It was easy to understand and taught me everything I didn’t lean in my PR classess. I felt ready to apply for PR jobs and was hired by one of my goal companies. I couldn’t be more thankful! There, she promised to teach me everything she knew. I have since been promoted and I still attribute everything I know in the world of PR and business to her. She is by far the best teacher and leader I have had, not only in the workplace but in life as well. Erin is the most organized, efficient, and motivated leader I have worked under, which is why the clients she takes on are so successful.

Michelle C. Public Relations Coordinator

As a solopreneur, who just started her business, I don’t have money to hire a PR consultant or agency, so when I found the PR Masterclass I was excited to try it out. I have no PR background but was able to go through the program and create my one-woman PR department. Understanding the process and how to set up my week to include PR was a game-changer. I’ve been able to get my business some exciting media articles and was able to show my intern how she can help me do some parts. I would recommend any startup founder or solopreneur to get the masterclass now. It’s worth the investment!

Amy L. Entrepreneur

I’ve had multiple internships but never felt like I learned much. After going through the PR Masterclass, I finally felt like I could come to my internship and prove that I could help with building media lists and coming up with pitch ideas for clients. I was finally able to prove myself and got hired full-time. Thank you so much, Erin, for creating the PR Masterclass.

Holly M. PR Assistant Account Executive


The Public Relations Masterclass

As someone who has worked in PR and as a media relations specialist for nearly a decade, I’ve taken everything I’ve learned and built it into a comprehensive online masterclass that is focused on teaching, supporting, and empowering participants.

I’ve mentored many young PR professionals and advised start-ups and generational businesses and if there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that the true act of media relations is not shared enough. In order to get results, you have to understand the process from start to finish and put yourself in the reporter’s shoes.

As you go through the program, you’ll find yourself asking the questions every person learning media relations has.

Don’t worry, we’ll go over all that and if you still have questions, you can reach out to my team and me and we’ll be ready to provide more explanation.

We want to hear from YOU. This may be an online course, you still get direct access to me and my team to ask questions so you can truly benefit from this program.

You’ll get answers to questions like…

  • How do I get a reporter to respond to me?
  • What is a good subject line?
  • When should I follow up?
  • What do I do once we get the feature?
  • How do I find the people who will care about my story?
  • How do I build ongoing relationships with the media?



PR 101

You can’t expect success without understanding the basics. We’ll start with understanding what PR / media relations is – who, what, why, how. You’ll get a deep understanding of how to get yourself and/or your clients featured in the media and what journalists are looking for. All too often experts and businesses think they have an amazing story that everyone will care about, when in fact it may not be. Figure out how to build the right story.



List Building

You can have an amazing story, but if you aren’t going after the right people, it won’t get shared. We’ll go over how to identify the right contacts and the best way to get in touch with them. You’ll also get a template on how to build the ideal list to help you thrive and get those placements!



Writing for A Response

After we identify the right contacts, we’ll talk about how to write a pitch that captivates them. That gets them excited and eager to respond to you to hear more. Even if you have the best story, if it isn’t presented in the best way, it may go right to their trash folder. Journalists get a lot of emails every day, so find out how to cut through the clutter.



The Process

Now that you’ve learned what media relations is, how to identify the best contacts, and how to write a pitch that captivates them, you”ll learn the process for actually pitching. The best times to pitch, when to follow up, how to be helpful when they ask for more information or answers to questions, how to monitor and track your success, and how to plan your day for PR wins. There are many parts that go into getting media features, that you can’t overlook even one step.



Monitoring & Reporting

Whether you work directly for a company or an agency, it’s not just about the wins but how you share them. You’ll learn how to find, track, and share all the amazing results you and your team get. This is a critical part of PR and you don’t want to overlook it!


That’s not all… BONUSES!


Video Walkthroughs

Screenshare walkthroughs as I show you exactly how to build a media list, find contacts, and media monitor with Google



To get started, you’ll get a workbook to help you take notes throughout the course. Once you’ve gone through the course, you now have a handy resource to reference at any time on the most important things you learned. It’s also a great please to write down questions you have for us and your team.


Templates + Exercises

Set exercises that come with templates for you to build a media list, write a pitch, and find the right media contacts. This course isn’t just about learning, it’s about taking action!


A Day In The Life

A bonus module on what a day in the life may look like for a junior staff member so you can feel confident from day one.


Managing Up

A bonus module on how you can manage up in your role. Managing up shows you are trustworthy, responsible, and know your sh**! It will enable you to move up over those who aren’t doing these things and so you can become the go-to for your manager when they need support on a big project.


Inhouse vs In-Agency

Bonus module on the difference between working in-house vs at an agency.


Who is this for?

Reach that next step with a little support.

Welcome to the Public Relations Masterclass – Media Relations 101 for agencies, service providers, young professionals, and students. This should be used as a guide and starting place to understand the basic fundamentals of getting your clients featured in the media.

If you are a new or recent grad, this course will empower you to stand out from other candidates as you will have training to reference, assignment examples to share, and a certificate showing you completed this course.

If you are looking to pitch your clients or yourself, you’ll know the exact steps to take to secure these placements and become an expert!

Agencies & Organizations

Ideal for agencies and organizations that want to provide their PR staff with more training, ideally those with little to no current experience.

Students & Classes

Perfect for the student who wants to get ahead and be prepared to get a job after graduation or go out on their own. PR classes at school are great, but they don’t teach you HOW to actually do the most important things.

Young Professionals

Whether you are looking for more skill-building on your own or your company is looking to help propel you forward, this masterclass is the perfect way to improve your skills. Looking to get a new job, a promotion, or a raise? Adding a new skill might just be the way to do it.


Let’s Take A Closer Look At Each Module…




PR Dictionary


How to Find the Right Contacts

With exercise + template


How to Build A Media List

With exercise + template


Pitching Best Practices

With exercise + template


Monitoring & Reporting

With video walkthroughs


In-House vs Agency



Managing Up



A Day In the Life


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