Public Relations (PR) Agency System in a Box

40+ SOPs + Templates Like Never Before!!

From onboarding to reporting, a streamlined system that helps you and your team do your best work while keeping clients happy and delivering results is what will help you scale and thrive.

Public Relations (PR) Agency System in a Box



The execution machine for PR agencies that want to transform their business and scale 2-3x+ in revenue and profit with less headaches

Industry-standard Done-for-You (DFY) SOPs and templates to help you keep clients happy, grow your team, and deliver your best work.

They’re not just written on how to perform a PR task but how/when to share it with the team for review, how to track it, and how/when to even share with a client. There are even placeholders for you to put in frequency and deadlines for recurring tasks. This really is a full system.

Get the exact systems used to help our 6+ figure 1:1 clients grow their PR & Marketing agencies and consultancies 2-3x+ (in revenue + profit!) (including our founder’s agency!). It doesn’t stop there… This system has helped business owners focus their minds, feel like a true CEO and Founder, and be confident in both the ups and downs of their journey.

It has helped businesses decrease people costs by an average of 30% in just a couple of months, and others have increased revenue by nearly 3x in 6 weeks!

You get templates and accompanying SOPs, guides, and checklists.

All you have to do is plug in your business specifics – such as the systems (tools) you use and who handles what.

Execute yourself or hand it off to a team member to review and act without eating up your time training them, especially as each new person comes in and has to learn how your business operates.

Please Note: These are written with the option to use CoverageBook to help create reports, or you can use any tool you prefer.

Please Note: These need to be customized for your business team/structure/tools. We’ve highlighted all places where you need to fill in team members, such as for review processes.


What is included in the DFY system?

With a set system in place that is built around the need for efficiency and smart work, not hard work, you and your team will have time to focus on the most important things while reducing time spent on back and forth questions and miscommunication.

Delivered via Google Drive for easy access and immediate use. You cannot give these to anyone else or resell them. These are for internal use ONLY. Each purchase is for one business only.

INDUSTRY STANDARD Templates & SOPs – that means they are developed using the processes and systems we find most clients prefer (agencies making multiple 6+ figures).

They were developed for maximum results with minimum frustration. You will need to customize them with details such as deadlines, roles/people, tools, and more. But the general step-by-step (YES, STEP-BY-STEP) SOP and templates will help you scale and save time. Save months of work and thousands of dollars with this system.

Put them together and you have a reliable and easy to execute system that enables your entire business to run.

Get access to this proven system for a limited time.


Agency Structure System

Agency Structure – Who Does What Chart/Template
Who Does What SOP for each role *These LITERALLY build the structure of your agency*


Client Lead Generation System

New business/lead generation SOP
Email template to potential clients
Template: New Business Lead Tracking Spreadsheet
Proposal Template (Doc) – this proposal has won accounts worth more than $10K/month


Client Onboarding System

Onboarding Process/SOP
Email template for clients
Onboarding checklist
Intake Questionnaire and Dashboard
Client/Agency Terms & Conditions Template


Client Management System

Template: Call Notes + Client Action Items/Recap Email
SOP: Client Filing System for Success
Client PR Dashboard
PR Dashboard SOP


Media Relations System

Template: Client PR Planning Strategy
SOP: Vetting Inbound/Media Requests
Template: Media Interview/Briefing Sheet
Template: Internal New Media Contact Recommendation
SOP: Google – Trend Monitoring and Identifying New Media Contacts
SOP: New Target/Contact Research via LinkedIn
Template: Internal Influencer Recommendation
SOP: Identifying New Influencers
Template: Media List
Template: Influencer Target List
SOP: Long Lead Editorial Calendars


Client Reporting System

SOP: Weekly Client Update
Template: Weekly Client Update
Template: Monthly Client PR Report (Doc)
SOP: Monthly Client PR Report (Doc)
SOP: Media Monitoring (checking for client placements)
Template: New Coverage Email for Client
SOP: How to send a coverage email to the client



Tech Tools

Template: Gmail/Gmass Mail Merge
SOP: How to Mail Merge with G Suite, GMASS & Gmail Browser
SOP: Coverage Book
Template: Current Client Email CoverageBook Integration


Case Studies

SOP: Creating a Client Case Study
Template: Case Study PPT
Template: Case Study Doc


Team Success

Freelancer Success Guide/SOP (a guide for freelancers/people you outsource to in terms of how you work and expectations)
Agency Expectations (Cheatsheet for team members on expectations and how the agency works from the start so everyone can be successful)
Employee Onboarding Guide


Content Marketing

Template: Client Content Marketing Strategy/Outline

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